Our Approach

We don’t just make websites, we help businesses use the internet to improve their results.

This can be increasing revenue, spreading a message, gathering marketing data or any other task that computers and people can do together. Because of this, Medium Rare’s process starts with getting to know our clients: we spend the time to learn the way your business works, then we help you use design and technology to improve.

Want to improve how your business uses the internet? Give us a shout!

Case Studies - Just a few of the things Medium Rare does best.

Our Articles

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Our Products

We understand online products because we make online products.

In addition to our work with clients, we've taken some of our own ideas to market and are constantly developing new ones.


Kitestrings Secure Password System™ is a tool for generating, storing and sharing access to secure passwords. Human Resources needs to onboard team members, IT needs to dole out access to systems, Marketing needs to wrangle creative contractors... and someone needs to be sure that when the team changes, so do the passwords. Use Kitestrings to generate a strong, random password, store it securely, and keep track of who has access to it - and revoke that access when the time comes!

Twitter Stream

TwitterStream™ is a stylish way to show off your event's social media presence. Designed for high readability on projection screens, TwitterStream displays tweets based on Twitter users and hashtags defined in the application settings. Optional moderation lets event organizers filter out inappropriate tweets or select the cream of the crop.