Take Your Business Online

Use Our Feature-rich Quick Start Ecommerce Solution

In response to the many changes and limitations brought upon local businesses by the pandemic, we created a Quick Start Ecommerce package that makes it easy for small businesses to get up and running with an online store. Using dependable WordPress platform and WooCommerce, we work with you to create sites that are unique to your business, and simple to use and update.

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How It Works

Medium Rare Interactive will meet with you to go over your business needs during a complimentary consultation. If our services are a fit, we will provide a list of recommendations and estimate for creating a new complete e-commerce website.


  • Assistance with a strategic plan for your e-commerce site including goals, business, audience and structure
  • Help select and acquire a domain name (if you don’t have one), and hosting vendor, SSL certificate
  • Responsive design customized to your existing brand (looks and works great on mobile, tablet, and desktop computers)
  • Develop website with online store using a combination of WordPress and WooCommerce, complete with shopping cart and order management
  • Store setup including customer registration, payment gateway (Stripe), SSL certificate, tax settings, shipping and/or delivery options, and product catalogue (up to 20 products including descriptions to start) with search and inventory status
  • Include options for featured products, blog, policies, newsletter signups, social feeds, and more
  • User manual and training on how to manage products, inventory management, discount codes, updating content, and making changes to your site
  • Basic setup of SEO, tracking scripts, and Facebook pixel for website analytics and reporting
  • Completed in an 8-12 week timeline from start to launch

Additional Services Available, Estimated Separately:

  • Copywriting and/or editing
  • Logo or branding design
  • Newsletter design
  • Client image clean up and styling
  • Setup Facebook and Instagram accounts
  • Paid advertising planning, set up, and management
  • Stock photography

Ongoing third party costs and expenses, (may vary depending on site features):

  • Hosting
  • Domain name registration
  • Plugins or extensions, annual or one-time fees
  • Maintenance and updates


What’s Next?

Contact us for a free initial review of your project. We can quickly assess what may be needed to take next steps, and if our services may be a good fit for your business needs.

If you decide to move forward it may look something like this:

  • Work with you to create a strategic plan and schedule
  • Gather all product information for online store, as well as any other site content, branding assets
  • Design site/store for review and approval
  • Develop site and confirm all settings
  • QA and testing (hidden url)
  • Launch site



Q. How long does it take to build an online store?
A. The package outlined above can be ready to launch in 6-12 weeks.

Q. Can I take advantage of the package without a store?
A. Yes. This Quick Start package may be applied to any business as described. Each potential project is reviewed and provided unique recommendations.

Q. What if I already have a website but not a store?
A. We would need to review before answering. In many instances, we have found it more efficient and economical to replace an existing site and migrate content.

Q. Can the online store integrate with my bricks and mortar store POS?
A. There are many instances when this is possible, all depending on your current POS system. Sometimes there are existing APIs available to facilitate the two systems to talk to one another, other times we have built custom middleware to make this possible (extra costs).

“I wish we would’ve gone online sooner. It has freed up time for some of our employees, and allowed us to become more efficient and productive. It also allowed us to continue to serve our customers, in a time and space where, had we not had a website, our business may have suffered gravely, or we may not have been able to offer our staff the security of their health and safety.”

Amanda S, Accounts Manager
Gunter Bros Meat Co Ltd