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Forward Thinking

We ask our clients, what problems can we help you solve? For Gunter Bros Meat Company, that was translating a custom ordering system from staff managed to customer managed. Their new online ordering system has freed up hundreds of staff hours to be invested in other parts of the company.


  • Online Order Forms
  • Fundraising Tools
  • Online Payments

Online Tools Customized to your Business

We worked closely with Gunter Brothers Meat Company to understand some of the daily customer service tasks that were repetitive and time consuming. One example is collecting a customer order. Before, it may take a staff member 10-20 minutes of meeting timeĀ  to ask the client a series of questions and complete a shorthand order form to be used by the butcher. Making this service available online has freed up hundreds of staff hours that can be invested into other parts of the business.

We worked with the Gunter team to standardize the question format so that it could become an online form with instructions and prompts that clients could complete on their own. We introduced a default option featuring the most popular selections to make it easier. As customers became more familiar with the process, they had more control of their order and could place at their convenience. Orders submitted online are also easier to read, completed in a more consistent manner, deliver a copy to both customer and business.

Fundraising Portal

Gunter Bros offers a fundraising package that allows community groups to raise money by selling meat orders. We created a section that explains the step by step process of running a fundraiser. Groups can register online and instantly download the package from their confirmation email. Moving this process to online made it more accessible and easier for groups to get started quicker, and required less Gunter staff support time.


Online Store

As the retail store carried a large number of items that varied daily, and many were priced by weight, it seemed feasible that the online store would make a short list of popular case products available for order online.

We created categories to make it easy for shoppers to find and choose the products groupings they were looking for.


But then the pandemic changed the business landscape, requiring all businesses to rethink how they serve customers. Although there were months when the storefront was closed, the staff worked quickly to add as many products as possible to the online store. We supported them by adding product variations and more categories, and updated reporting functionality that helped manage inventory control better.

Make a Payment Online for Custom Orders

These online features provided a new channel for customers to shop and place orders. This was an important level of convenience as the Gunter Store location is a a few minutes out of town. Ordering online meant both customer and staff spent less time on the phone. There were still several instances of custom orders made on the phone, and so we added a general payment form so clients could submit a payment through the site, an easy alternative to reciting their credit card over the phone.

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Dennis Gunter, Owner, Head Butcher
Gunter Bros Meat Co Ltd