At Medium Rare Interactive, we have three levels of priority for our work: normal, rush, and emergency.

Normal is exactly what you’d expect: the work happens in our normal work queue. We’ll let you know approximately when we expect to start on it and approximately when we expect to finish it. Work is queued on a first come, first served basis. New clients or new projects are required to put down a deposit to secure a place in the work queue.

Rush work is higher priority, and bumps in front of normal priority work in our queue, but still takes place in normal business hours, and is still subject to availability. It costs a premium, typically 50% higher than our standard rates. To get rush priority status, you must indicate that you are willing to pay for that level of service.

Emergency work is subject to a 100% premium fee, and is governed by our Emergency Work Policy. It bumps all other work in the queue, and can extend beyond normal business hours.