When we’re performing debugging service, we will typically require that you authorize a half hour or one hour block of time for evaluation of the issue. Frequently, we will have some idea of what the problem is, and have an idea on how to fix it. Sometimes though, the source of the problem is unclear, and it requires some investigation. This initial block of time allows us to research the problem and come up with a plan.

Please provide us with whatever information you may have about the issue you’re experiencing, including:

  • When you first noticed it starting
  • Whether you took any actions on the site prior to when you noticed the bug
  • The severity of the bug (normal, high, emergency – please see our emergency work policy here)
  • A link to the page affected (if applicable)
  • A detailed description the bug, including what IS happening, and what SHOULD be happening
  • Any relevant details regarding the browser and operating system you’re using
  • Screenshots as appropriate, preferably highlighting the affected area(s)

Once we’ve evaluated the problem, we will report back our findings in an email, letting you know the action(s) taken or troubleshooting methods used. Often this is enough time to locate and fix the problem, but depending on the situation, we may request more time to work on the issue. We will always keep you informed of what we’re doing, and always obtain permission before taking any action that could cause additional problems. Further, we will always preserve the option to roll back to the previous state.

The steps we take to ensure that we can roll back include:

  • Backing up the website database
  • Backing up any files that will be updated
  • If we are unable to back up the database, confirming that your host has recent backups to restore from