Twitter Stream

twitterstream builds audience engagement at your event by putting tweets in front of people’s faces instead of their phones. People who aren’t active on Twitter will still have a chance to see the conversation, in turn prompting them to participate. The display is elegant and minimal, giving focus to each tweet before letting it fade back into a textured background.

Basic Event


  • 1 large and up to 10 small screens
  • Up to 2000 event attendees
  • Up to 3 days
  • Manual content filtering

Major Event


  • Up to 3 large and up to 20 small screens
  • Up to 5000 event attendees
  • Up to 5 days
  • Manual content filtering

Mega Event

Call for pricing

  • More than 3 large or 20 small screens
  • More than 5000 event attendees
  • Greater than 5 days
  • Custom hashtag and handle monitoring
  • Automatic content filtering

Flyleaf Creative is a preferred service provider for Twitterstream. They will liaise with Medium Rare Interactive to manage setup and configuration, including hashtag and account monitoring, styling and branding. They provide on-site support for the duration of the event, working with event and venue staff to ensure that screens and projectors are properly configured. They offer active filter monitoring and feed curation during the event, and integrate Twitterstream into the overall social media presence of the event, maximizing ROI for the service and engagement for your attendees.