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Why we need to know your website budget

September 16, 2015
This post is for clients/potential clients, and I'm going to cut to the chase (a.k.a. tl;dr:): unless you have exceptionally well detailed technical specs for what you want, we need to know your website budget, at least at a ballpark level, before responding to an RFP. We don't love RFPs for a number of reasons, but sometimes the bureaucracy of an organization requires it. Many RFPs will contain an estimated or maximum budget. This is...

Saladino Design Group site

November 29, 2013
We built the saladinostyle.com site several years ago when it was cool (and still acceptable) to make Flash websites. Times change, even when design is timeless: Saladino Design Group still loved the look of the site, but needed it ported to an HTML format that was easier to update than our old custom CMS. See the site at saladinostyle.com

PEN.org wins Interactive Media Award

June 5, 2013
We're pleased to announce that pen.org has won an award for Outstanding Achievement in the IMA Advocacy category. Congrats to PEN and our partners in developing the site, Flyleaf Creative and Caga Idea.    

CDNs – What, Why, How, and Should We?

July 11, 2012
Once only considered for major high-traffic sites, since early-2011 Content Distribution Networks (CDNs) have been picking up some traction as several hosting services have begun integrating CDN services directly with their hosting packages to offer to smaller hosting clients. In the recent past, access to CDNs was out of reach for most small operations. The base level of service to get a CDN to notice you was in the...

Interesting side effect of the 404 Redirected plugin

March 20, 2012
Our site runs on WordPress, which isn't a huge mystery to anyone who's even slightly savvy with the ol' computer. When we recently changed our domain name from mediumrarenyc.com to mediumrareinc.com, I installed the 404 Redirected plugin to manage redirects from the old site to the new, and also to capture any missed URLs from when we launched the new site. An interesting side effect has been that I can now see all of...

Kickstarter success!

March 15, 2012
The Heavenly Sight project was successfully funded on Kickstarter! This, of course, is great news. However, it's an extra big deal for us because it's the first Kickstarter campaign that we managed. In the process we gained a lot of valuable insight that we hope to be able to duplicate for other projects like this one. Of note:

Approval process improves success

Kickstarter's approval process may seem onerous, but it's actually a good...

RFP vs. Site Evaluation – alternatives to the Request for Proposal

February 28, 2012

Looking at alternatives to the broken RFP process

We get asked to answer RFPs for projects on a semi regular basis, and occasionally will pursue a particularly good looking RFP out in the wild if we think it fits our work. Most RFPs we see, however, are really, really problematic. This post by Jonathan Wold echoes the feelings that I've heard from many colleagues over the last couple of years. A lot of what...

Updating your old Flash site for the mobile web

February 24, 2012
There's a lot of talk about responsive design, which is an important part of moving websites into the current era of mobile browsing. However, it's important to look at your current situation before assuming that a brand new responsive layout is the immediate way to go. It may be possible and desirable to take an intermediate step of simply replacing old Flash content with HTML5 compatible content rather than gutting the whole thing...

The True Cost of a CMS

February 3, 2012
We've been working with Content Management Systems for a long time, first building custom systems, and more recently leveraging the growing power of two of the major open source CMS technologies, WordPress and Drupal. The one thing that I see repeatedly on the client side is a lack of foresight and understanding about what a CMS is, what it is NOT, and what the actual costs of implementing...