We originally built renowned photojournalist Ed Kashi‘s portfolio site sever years ago, back when the idea of building a website in Flash wasn’t looked at as a bad idea. We built a search engine crawler friendly HTML skeleton for the site, while replacing that content with Flash for human users, including browser history and deep linking with the swfaddress javascript library. This was all controlled by a custom built Content Management System. At the time, the result was cutting edge technology.

Since the surge in popularity of the iPhone and iPad, which don’t support Flash, we needed to re-think that setup. We used jquery mobile, a plugin for the popular jquery javascript library, to build a mobile friendly interface, using the same databased content that the main site drew from. Now the CMS controls both the Flash front end for desktop users and the javascript based interface for mobile users.

Ed’s site was recognized as a “best of the web” in 2006 by Photo District News. See the site at edkashi.com