Content Management

Content is king.

If you look around the internet, that’s the mantra, the refrain, the wisdom. And it’s true. People don’t come to your website because of a gimmicky animation or cool design, they come for the content. Everything else exists to support getting the content to your users.

Content Management Systems (CMS) exist to make putting your content online as painless as possible. You need to be able to manage it. You need to be able to update the content of your website, back it up, delete the old stuff and log out fluidly and with minimal effort,┬álike it’s second nature.

Before the dominance of platforms like WordPress and Drupal, Medium Rare started out creating custom content management solutions for our clients. Because we have spent so much time making CMSes that are tailored for our clients, we know how to finesse boxed CMS systems to feel like they were built for your content, so that they work seamlessly for your staff. We take a “platform agnostic” approach to CMS selection: we believe in analyzing our clients’ situation before recommending a particular CMS, and will not try to shoehorn clients into a particular path. That said, we do find that most sites today will fit in one of two areas: WordPress for smaller sites, or Drupal for larger sites. As a result, those systems are where we have the most experience, though we are also familiar with Joomla and Expression Engine, two other popular CMSes.

Our capabilities include:

  • Content analysis and evaluation
  • Expert level WordPress and Drupal development
  • Theme and template design and coding
  • Taxonomy design
  • Back end usability enhancement
  • Training and documentation
  • CMS support and maintenance
  • Contract webmaster services

Get in touch to discuss our CMS maintenance plans for WordPress and Drupal.

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