Yosuke Hasumi

Junior Designer/Developer

Yosuke Hasumi

Originally a mountain child born in the Rockies of Banff, Alberta, Yosuke has an affinity for skiing and the outdoors. After transplanting to the Vancouver Island with his wife to raise his children born in 2008 and 2009 he discovered an opportunity to change careers from carpentry to the web industry.

Attending North Island College’s Advanced Communication Diploma he received the Dean’s Honour Award two years consecutively as well as winning numerous scholarships. As a result of his studies he discovered a passion for the fine arts and currently works as a both a junior designer and programmer for MediumRare. His primary weapons of choice lately are WordPress, PHP, jQuery, HTML5, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

When Yosuke is not slaying code and making the world a beautiful place in his underwear, he is slaying the slopes which arguably makes him way cooler than Ray.

Connect with Yosuke on LinkedIn, Twitter (handle: @yosukehasumi), or reach him via Skype (handle: yosuke.hasumi)