Ray Archie

Business Development Director, Partner

Ray comes from a background in music and technology, from work as a database administrator, later developing GigCity, a web based CRM for musicians, then spearheading the creation of the online presence for startup cable network IATV, and most recently on the cutting edge of streaming radio for CBS in New York.

Ray first worked with Medium Rare in his role as Director of Streaming Operations at CBS Interactive Music Group, where we collaborated on the development of our award winning CBSgotJack’d promotional website. He’s since come on board to lend his expertise in finding creative ways to leverage our strengths with technology into new products and services. For our clients, he brings extremely deep knowledge of streaming media and monetization of internet related technologies and content.

Ray plays jazz bass, making him by far the coolest member of Medium Rare. He’s also an avid fisherman.

Connect with Ray on LinkedIn or reach him via Skype (handle: gigcity)