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CDNs – What, Why, How, and Should We?

Once only considered for major high-traffic sites, since early-2011 Content Distribution Networks (CDNs) have been picking up some traction as several hosting services have begun integrating CDN services directly with their hosting packages to offer to smaller hosting clients. In the recent past, access to CDNs was out of reach for most small operations. The base(…)

Kickstarter success!

Kickstarter success!

The Heavenly Sight project was successfully funded on Kickstarter! This, of course, is great news. However, it’s an extra big deal for us because it’s the first Kickstarter campaign that we managed. In the process we gained a lot of valuable insight that we hope to be able to duplicate for other projects like this(…)

The True Cost of a CMS

We’ve been working with Content Management Systems for a long time, first building custom systems, and more recently leveraging the growing power of two of the major open source CMS technologies, WordPress and Drupal. The one thing that I see repeatedly on the client side is a lack of foresight and understanding about what a(…)